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Introduction of AutoCAD

Introduction of AutoCAD

When you start AutoCAD 2015 or any version of AutoCAD , you can see the screen called zero screen.

 Now on this screen in the left you’ll see this a start drawing panel. From there you can launch your default template. If you want to launch any other template, then go to this small arrow.

Click here and you’ll see a list of all the templates which are in AutoCAD. These are all default templates. You can select the required template and AutoCAD will launch using that template. You can also open files, sheet sets, and you can also look for templates online. Using all these tools you’ll see a list of

recent documents which you have already used in this preview. Also, you’ll see some notifications and suggestions for improving performance and other issues related to AutoCAD. You can connect with your

Autodesk 360 a claud account.

Now let’s go and launch AutoCAD with a default template DWT. Once you have launched, you’ll see this preview in this preview.

Here we have the ribbon. Now this ribbon has got lots of tabs, home ,insert and there are many other such steps. If you want to change the view of these ribbons, then click on the small arrow. Now this will minimize these panels to only icons. When you click on this, again, this will minimize it further to its names and once clicking it again, it will completely make it disappear. Click it again and this will come back to its original configuration. Now these are all the default panels. If you want to turn on any tab or panel, right click on this blank area, go to show tabs and now you can see that these are the tabs which are currently turned on.

If you want to turn off any tab, go to show tabs and click on home and there is no more a home tab. If you want to make it appear again, right click show tabs and check it again.

You can also turn off these panels on or off, so rightly care. Go to show panels or right now you can see that all the panels on home tab are visible. If you want to delete temporarily, any panel, click on this checkbox and now you can clearly see that the draw panel disappears. If you want to make it appear again, click on draw panel again. You can also move these panels from these stabs to your desired location.